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The information systems job market is very healthy!

Placement Rate at Graduation

Bachelor's: 80%
Master's: 65%


Bachelor’s: $57,817
Master’s: $67,632


Graduates are better prepared in every key knowledge area compared to 2013.


73% are confident about the job market.


75% agreed that their job was a good fit.


86% satisfied with job offer.

IS jobs pay well


Salaries for IS graduates are about 17% higher than typical business majors for both bachelor's and master's degrees. (Nace, 2015)

IS students get jobs (quickly)


IS graduates get placed very quickly.

Top jobs in IS

Top Jobs

The highest paying jobs in IS are consulting, project management, and systems analyst.

About Information Systems

  • IS professionals, who apply and develop information technology in organizations, now comprise a significant portion of the labor market.
  • There are about 3 million IS jobs in the U.S.
  • The about 1,300 IS programs in the U.S are offered mostly in Business Schools, a few standalone Information Schools, or by Computer Science.
  • IS programs are classified as STEM and called Management Information Systems (MIS), Information Systems (IS), or Computer Information Systems (CIS).
  • A bachelor's in IS is in the top 5 business degrees and top 10 degrees overall demanded by employers. (Nace, 2016)
  • A master's in IS is among the top 10 graduate degrees demanded by employers. (Nace, 2016)


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