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The information systems job market is flourishing!

Placement Rate

Bachelor's: 69% | Master's: 81%


Bachelor’s: $65,314 | Master’s: $84,113

Satisfied with offer and job

Bachelor's: 83% | Master's: 70%

IS jobs pay well


Salaries for IS graduates are higher than typical business majors for both Bachelor's and most Master's degrees.

IS Job Index Salaries

About Information Systems

  • IS professionals who apply and develop information technology in organizations comprise a significant portion of the labor market.
  • Master's in IS is among the top 10 graduate degrees demanded by employers.
  • Bachelor's in IS is in the top 5 business degrees and top 10 degrees overall demanded by employers.
  • IS programs are STEM and called Management Information Systems (MIS), Information Systems (IS), or Computer Information Systems (CIS).
  • About 1,300 IS programs in the U.S are offered mostly in Business Schools, as well as Information Schools, and by Computer Science.
  • There are about 3 million IS jobs in the U.S.